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Terri’s date

‘God, I look like a fucken triangle,’ Terri says.

She’s in her room, in front of the full-length mirror, desperate to find an outfit that slims her wide hips and flattens her round tummy.

‘You’re fine, Mumma.’ Brittany, her daughter is on the bed, surrounded by a collection of tops, pants, dresses and skirts. ‘This is the seventh outfit. Just pick one.’

‘Yeah, but which one. I look terrible in all of them.’

‘Mum, for chrissakes! You look great. Too hard on yourself.’

‘Which did you like best?’

‘Um, the wide-legged pants with the plain white shirt. Classic. Classy. Stylish.’

‘You reckon? I thought my lower half was the size of a small planet.’

‘Mum! Really. You’re running out of time. Just put it on. The Uber will be here soon.’

Terri’s first date in decades. She’s a jumble. Wouldn’t be doing it at all if not for Brittany urging her on, signing her up to that ridiculous dating site.

She changes—again—into Brittany’s favourite outfit. Her phone buzzes. The car is here. ‘Well, gotta go.’ She takes one more look at herself in the mirror. Grimaces, pokes her tongue out.

‘Be yourself, Mumma. You’ll be great.’

Photo by Caroline Veronez on Unsplash

8 thoughts on “Terri’s date”

  1. What a dilemma!!! First date…..internet site….maybe won’t matter….but then again but I guess she has to get home to a daughter and no way bring a strange man home. If he doesn’t matter what she looks like then he’s a keeper. All set for second date action 😀 😀

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    1. Oh dear! In Melbourne, we currently have 13 cases. Yes, 13. However as I type our premier, farken Chairman Dan of the Peoples Republic of Victoria is in a press conference. The expectation is that we will be forced into another lockdown. Fuck me. 13 cases.

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