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The chilly night air snaked its way up Mikayla’s legs, despite the warm blanket draped over her. Lying on the banana lounge, she stared up at the sky. Dark like treacle, not a single star shining. Just the dim glow of the moon, high above her head.

Ben was inside, emptying the dishwasher. Clunking plates into the cupboard. Amazing that none shattered. Her jaw clenched harder.

Steam rose from the heated pool, inviting and enticing. The kids were all in bed. Her phone, beside her on the lounge was eerily quiet. Yep, why not. She was going for a swim.

Standing, she kicked off her ugg boots, slid off her yoga pants and warm jumper. Peeled away her bra and knickers. Naked, the air biting her skin, she jogged to the deep end. With a deep breath, she dived in, breaking the water’s surface quietly, with minimal splash.

The warmth was like a lover’s touch. Not that Mikayla had been touched recently. She swam under the water; the caress flowing against her breasts and stomach, tickling between her legs. Exquisite.

In the shallow end, she burst out from underneath the water, gasping, her lungs desperate for air. Her skin and body alive, senses ripe. She looked around. The lights were still on in the kitchen; the rest of the house in darkness. Her right hand moved from the pool’s edge to below the water. She touched her breasts, her skin, and allowed herself to enjoy it. Her hand went between her legs, stroking, sending her finger deep inside. Her breath quickened as her pleasure increased. She climaxed; her groans pierced the night’s silence.

Proud, she lay on her back, floating in the pool. She laughed out loud, delighting in what she’d just done. She swam two more laps, before stepping out from the pool and walked naked, dripping, to the kitchen door, with her clothes and boots bundled to her chest.

Fuck Ben. She didn’t need him. Let him leave her for his secretary. She would be just fine on her own.

Photo by CΓ©sar Couto on Unsplash

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