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Love gone wrong

There was no movement. None at all. Kiara watched for something. A billowing breeze. A rustle. Breath. Especially breath. But nothing came.

‘Shit,’ she said under her breath.

It’d had been a bad idea to begin with. Dubiously she’d agreed after her pleas fell on deaf ears. Brad was determined to try it. And, he’d said if she wouldn’t give it go, he’d simply find another, more willing party.

Kiara had placed the plastic bag over his head. Fastened it in place with duct tape. It wasn’t until afterwards that she noticed he was not breathing. Obviously, all his research had failed to take into account just how fine that line between heightened pleasure and death actually was.

She heard the wailing sound of sirens. Close now. But, should she have done something? CPR? Removed the plastic bag? Kiara felt like a failure.

The paramedics arrived, did their job and took Brad away in the back of the ambulance. Kiara followed in her car. An eternity passed while she waited in the emergency department’s bleak waiting room.

‘Ms Wilson?’ Kiara looked up. A middle-aged bald man stood at the door.

‘Yes, that’s me.’

‘I’m Dr Mildenhall. Please, come this way.’

Kiara’s belly flipped like a fish on the pier. This was bad. Really bad.

Dr Mildenhall showed her into a small airless room. ‘Please, take a seat.’

‘How is he?’ she asked. Couldn’t wait any longer. Her breath came in short, desperate gasps. Her heart was pounding so hard she feared her chest would explode open and she would see it fall to the floor.

‘Ms Wilson. I’m sorry, but there was nothing we could do. Mr Terrace was pronounced dead at 1.45AM.’

Kiara yelped in shock. Even to her ears, it sounded like a yapping dog.

‘And, Ms Wilson. Due to the circumstances of his passing, we’ve had to call the police. They’ll be here shortly to take your statement.’

‘Oh,’ she said. Lost for words. Was it her fault? No, she didn’t even want to do it. But how could she prove that now.

‘You can wait in here. Won’t be long.’

Dr Mildenhall left the room. Kiara rested her head on the table and wept.

Photo by Christopher Martyn on Unsplash

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