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Down for now

Sick. (Not COVID. Just your garden variety common cold. Remember those?) My head is thick, nose is stuffy, sniffly and I oscillate between moving around the home and diving back into bed.

So, I’m going to rest today; in particular, I’m going to do as little as possible on this laptop of mine.

Bye for now, folks.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

12 thoughts on “Down for now”

  1. Get well soon, Linda. One of the advantages of COVID-19 has been the reiteration of basic hygiene messages that staying home if unwell, physical distancing, hand hygiene, toilet hygiene, and respiratory etiquette all make a difference. I haven’t had a head cold for more than a year and normally I have about four a year. I hope you’re back on your feet tomorrow. I hope that these messages are reiterated to all Australians for years to come.

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