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Rent Rant

Today I’m going to rant. If you don’t want to read on, by all means, skip to another, more interesting blogger. But I need to do this.

A pattern has been established. It’s almost invisible, but it is woven into the fabric of Australian society, has been for decades. It’s based on the Great Australian Dream, which is, of course, home ownership. In contemporary times, however, we have seen housing prices skyrocket, so that this dream is unachievable for many. Like moi. However, the fact that I still rent is not attributed to the huge price tags alone. My renting situation stems from very poor career choices in my 20s. Buy my book when (if) it’s published for fleshing out on that era.

So the established pattern then, relates to renters being somehow less worthy humans, on a lower socio-economic rung. Perhaps even less intelligent.

I shan’t go into details, but I did receive an email this morning that highlights this invisible, insidious belief that renters are stupid.

Yet, I am not. Sure, I’m not the smartest person in the world. Part of the reason I still rent my abode at my age stems from that aforementioned poor career choice in my 20s. It wasn’t thoroughly thought-through. Not at all future-focussed. But that doesn’t make me stupid.

So please, a little respect for renters.

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17 thoughts on “Rent Rant”

  1. Yes. The house prices are nuts. The house across the road from us was sold less than two years ago (have been “tarted up” as my Mum would say) for $720,000. After this short interlude it is now for sale for $780,000. No tarting. No landscaping. No double glazing or insulation. Just pretty furniture and a for sale sign assuming time means profit. I think you have every right to rant. It’s a rich person’s world. Even our power grid (my husband is learning through his line of work) is basically a mini stock market where people get to bet on the price that power should be sold at.

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  2. Argh! I always think, if your house is going to cost that much it really needs to at least be self-cleaning and to make you your morning cuppa. I just can’t see what makes a house worth that much money. It still needs maintenance. It still gets old. And the bank will still suck you dry with interest rates.

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  3. Housing prices where I live in the San Francisco Bay Area are insane. When we sold our house in San Francisco last year, we sold it for 25% over asking. That’s crazy. But more important, what poor career choice did you make in your 20s? Do tell!

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  4. I agree, fortunately we did well in the property mom in GB and that enabled us to buy and move uo the property ladder our little victorian terrace tippled in price in 3 years which gave us a big deposit to get on. I worry for my kids as the average house price for them now is huge, i don’t even think i could get on the ladder if i was alone with no deposit.
    And you’re not stupid, never think that

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    1. I know what you mean. I worry for my kids too, as we have nothing to leave them in the way of an inheritance after Hubster and I die. Just two shitty cars, furniture, and credit card debt 😳 Nothing that will help them onto the property ladder. Unless i win lottery, which is a long shot, but I’m trying 🤣


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