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Train Wreck

On the news of the engagement of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle some three or four years ago, I was happy for them. I’d watched Prince Harry and his older brother, Prince William, from birth, being such an avid fan of Princess Diana. I was inconsolable when she died, and felt pain as those two boys walked behind her coffin. I watched Harry grow, struggle with his place in the monarchy and the broader world, his battle with mental health, and his celebrated military career. Always my favourite out of the two boys. I liked his cheek and his authenticity. I think the world (at least the part that follows royalty) could see he was in a good place when he met Meghan; his work with returned soldiers and the Invictus games gave him a sense of purpose that is always so elusive for the spare to the heir.

Personally, I hoped for a fairytale ending, and that, finally, Harry was going to settle into married life and grow in happiness with Meghan. I even wrote a post on it, but I may have deleted it now. Because, wow, called that one wrong.

Harry has, unfortunately, shackled himself to a whining, manipulative, attention-seeking woman who will stop at nothing in her pursuit of greed, more fame and eye-watering fortune.

In a matter of just two years, she’s completely destroyed Harry and is intent on ruining any semblance of positive family connections he might have been able to hang onto had she been able to show gratitude, self-respect and, basically, good manners.

I haven’t seen the interview in its entirety, and I likely will not. But the whole situation stems from her not getting what she actually wanted when they sought a ‘progressive new role within the institution’. These are words that show neither Harry or Meghan wanted to leave royal life, but instead weren’t content with playing a lesser role within the monarchy. Basically, since Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, told them to a) STFU and play by the rules, or b) leave, all we’ve seen is two whingers who didn’t get their way. They’re both behaving like spoiled toddlers.

It’s time for them to entirely renovate their personalities, I think.

5 thoughts on “Train Wreck”

  1. Not watching. Don’t care. Love the Queen but when she goes, that’ll be the end for me. I do believe that Meghan should have been able to have more than two of her family at the wedding though

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    1. Even if a person doesn’t care about the monarchy, which is absolutely fine, there is still an appalling display from M&H regarding lack of good taste and manners, solely to peddle towards their own selfish desires. They are a disgrace. Meghan totally, and Harry…disappointing! As for the wedding, I think the numbers from her side was her choice. Easy to see why so few were there for her now: she alienates everyone, climbs over them to get where she wants.

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      1. I guess I don’t want to be disappointed in the manipulative ways of some people over other. It would be hard to watch Harry on a slide without much control but he is a big boy

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  2. I believe they have mental health issues. But so do many others without resources and a fortune (M had millions of her own before H). It’s hard to feel much sympathy for folks “suffering” in a multi-million dollar mansion with access to Oprah. They could just lead a quiet life away from the mean people without airing all this dirty laundry to make a buck. It’s no surprise to me that someone in the family said something racist. Happens in most white families ~ there’s always some jerk. It’s weird how this is dominating the news…

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