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Interview with the Celebrity

‘Don’t let him get off topic,’ Bill said as I was gathering my notebook and pen. ‘You’ll kick arse.’

Nervous, I nodded, even though I felt like I’d just undergone shock therapy. All my insides were a jumble, my brain buzzed with fear and excitement.

‘And Honey?’


‘Remember, it’s just an interview. He’s a human being, just like us. Nothing special.’

I nodded again. But deep down, Bill’s words although intended to simplify the situation, meant nothing. This guy was in another stratosphere to me. Rich, famous, fabulous, handsome.

How would I get through this?

Photo by Christian Newlands on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Interview with the Celebrity”

  1. Deep breaths, always deep breaths. Because it will either relax you or you’ll start hyperventilating and you’re have a syncopal episode. Either way you’ll live another day 😆

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