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Poorly Peeps

Off to a wedding this afternoon…or am I?

T1 was sick last week, stayed home from school for two days, returned a negative COVID test. Now, however, that bug has spread to T2 and Our Girl. Latter was home from school yesterday and will miss her netball match today. T2 so poorly he agreed to not use the X-Box today.

I need to let our sitter know of the sickness, and give her right of refusal. Then, if she backs out, I’ll stay home and Hubster will go alone (his friend who’s getting married).

In preparation to tart up for the wedding though, I have straightened my hair—this might not seem unusual to anyone but me: I have been in a curly phase for months now—and fake tanned my legs from the knees down (why bother doing it all when only my lower legs are showing in the dress) but didn’t bother having them waxed. So, hairs sprout all over in a very unbecoming, albeit display, but I figure all eyes are on the bride, not a chubby, middle-aged, mostly unknown guest, on whom all vestiges of youth and confidence are gone.

So, it remains to be seen what happens this afternoon. But I hope you all have a good day!

Photo by Jeremy Wong Weddings on Unsplash

18 thoughts on “Poorly Peeps”

  1. I was concerned of what was possibly happening. Sick kids aren’t the best. No X-Box, yes that is a sick child!! Hope there won’t be much moping over no netball.
    On the other hand, your preparation for the wedding so far did make me smile. The fake tan, sprouting and hair straightening, I hope you didn’t buy a new dress.
    I am sure you are confident in yourself. Look good to me. xx

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    1. We did go, and had a great time. At one stage, Hubster and I were the only ones dancing…all eyes on us and our bad, old-people dance moves. Not like I’m ever going to see most of them again, so I had loads of fun 🙂
      Classic, re unironed shirt 🙂 Makes me think of TV newsreaders who have a shirt and tie on and shorts under the table!


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