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Flying Records

Her confidence slipped as she began to jettison his belongings onto the front porch.

Her mind reeled. Could she do this? Would she actually throw him out of her life? Before another thought formed, she knew had no choice. Rob was an arse.

Talia heard footsteps on the concrete path. She looked up as the last of his records flew from her grasp like a frisbee. It was Betty, her neighbour.

‘God, sorry Betty!’ Talia said, watching Betty duck to avoid the black disc as it sliced the air above her head.

‘Talia! What are you doing?’

‘Few changes happening round here Betty,’ Talia said. She stood with her hands on her hips. ‘Rob’s been shagging our sitter. For over a year!’

‘Your sitter?’ Betty’s face registered. ‘But isn’t she—‘

‘Sixteen. Yes. She is.’

‘God, really!’ Betty looked at the ground, as if she hoped it would open up. Give her an exit from this awkward conversation. Silence gathered like a heavy storm cloud. Betty cleared her throat, continued, ‘That’s not what I was going to say. Isn’t she Frank and Sarah’s girl? From number 73?’

‘Correct.’ Talia went back inside. She came out shortly with a bundle of Rob’s clothing, including dirty underwear.

Betty straightened her shoulders. Jutted her chin high. ‘Need any help?’

Talia considered the question for a beat. She shook her head, ‘No. But thanks Betty. I reckon this is something I need to do on my own.’

Photo by Michael on Unsplash

10 thoughts on “Flying Records”

  1. Rob is definitely an arse. He’s also an idiot and possibly a criminal. If the sitter is 16 and she and Rob have been having sex for a year, was this while she was 15? In some jurisdictions, there are consequences for that.

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