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Other Worlds

Sarah watches the plume of smoke trail into air. Up higher it rises, to the zenith.

‘Ya right?’ asks Dave.

He doesn’t understand her fascination with the celestial world. Her thirst for knowing what else is up there, out there. Beyond. She simply shrugs, ‘Just watching the smoke. Isn’t it gorgeous? Look how it trickles upwards, like a pencil line.’

Dave glances up. Sniffs. ‘Yeah. It’s fab.’ He rubs her back with one hand; the other is digging into his pocket for his keys. ‘Babe, we’re late. Stop staring. We gotta go.’

It’s only a lunch with his family. Not the queen. His mum, Karen, won’t mind if they’re late, but Dave’s a mummy’s boy, so she sighs deeply. Brings her phone from her handbag and snaps a photo of the sky.

‘Christ Sarah. It’s just smoke.’

She doesn’t respond. It’s not just smoke. It’s a sign her for. A line to angels, demons, everything other-worldly. She knows there’s more out there. And this is new proof to add to her research.

Dave’s already starting the engine of his V8 Holden. It roars to life, snapping Sarah back to this world.

She opens the passenger door and slides in. She says, ‘Yeah, yeah, I’m coming.’

Photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash

6 thoughts on “Other Worlds”

  1. So, the only thing which grabbed my attention is the mention of a V8. It would be nice to know the size and displacement, as well as what model of Holden this was? Sedan or ute? Modified or stock? These are all important questions and of more interest to some readers than wisps of smoke 🀣🀣🀣 Have a good Friday Linda!!!

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