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Every Monday and Wednesday evening I take T1 to soccer training. For the last eight weeks, I have been jogging around the park while he trains. Yep, totes proud of me, too.

I take my water bottle with me and my puffer coat, and leave those in the car while I undertake four laps of the park. The first always walking, the latter three a mix of jogging and walking. I’m getting better, jogging for longer periods, and even last week, I managed to jog three laps without once stopping to walk.

Yep, again. Totes proud of me.

I’ve been loathe to discover the perimeter of the park in kms as I don’t want to be disappointed when I discover it’s only two, not the half-marathon it feels like in my brain and body. But yesterday, I gave in and roughly mapped it on Google maps, and discovered it’s approximately 1km. Which means I’ve been walking/jogging 4kms twice each week.

Last night, in addition to my playlist, I added in the health, step, distance tracker app that comes on my Samsung phone; I figured that might give me a more accurate distance. Bad idea. I ended up deleting it halfway through my second lap, as I had a robotic voice in my ear, telling me to ‘quicken your pace’, and ‘take longer strides’. This was entirely de-motivating for me, and if I wasn’t in a public space, I likely would have yelled ‘Fuck off robo-lady!’

However, I can’t deny that all this exercise is benefiting me. I feel much fitter, with my upper body, chest, etc not heaving quite as much as it did when I initially began. Legs are still wonky and sore the next day though.

When I’ve done my laps, I do some cool-down stretches, then head to the car. I take a sip from my bottle and slip into my puffer coat, wander to the area where T1 is training and watch the last twenty minutes. And who knows, one day soon, I may be jogging for the entire duration of his training. It’s a goal, anyway.

Photo by Alex McCarthy on Unsplash

10 thoughts on “Exercise”

  1. I am proud of you Linda. Do it your way and not some robotic telling you shit. If you can do 30 second bursts of a bit faster every once in a while. Soon you’ll be with T1 and the boys training with them. The netball team beckons 🙂

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  2. Well done, Linda. This is fantastic to read. As the season draws to a close, I hope you do the planning needed to find more opportunities to get your exercise, so the habit formed continues unabated.

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