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It’s happening again

So, Victoria’s snap ‘circuit breaker’ lockdown looks set to lengthen.

Of course. In my opinion, it was always going to be longer than the initial seven days. When you’ve got jokers running the state, what else can you expect.

I am livid. Furious. Berserk with rage. Interestingly, some people are zombie-like, enduring the lockdown with a passive acceptance. Even more bizarrely, some are still fans of Dan, who it must be said, can’t do anything right…not even fall and break his back properly.

OK, that might be unfair. Uncharitable. Perhaps I should delete…? Nah, it’s my blog, they’re my thoughts.

But who could possibly be in the government’s corner now. The state’s a mess. The QR code is a shambles. The contact tracing methods are almost devoid of technology. I don’t understand. And if I dwell on it too long, my fury increases.

And then there’s my kids, who are missing out on schooling, sport and their friendships. T2 has just joined a basketball team, after years of me trying to get him involved in sport. He gets to one training session and we’re locked down. Our Girl is due to play in her very first grand final in three weeks. Her team’s top of the ladder, huge point difference between them and the team in second spot, so it’s pretty much a given that her team would’ve made the GF (although I do communicate to the squad that nothing’s a certainty, take nothing for granted). My second team is third on the ladder and my hope was for them to knock out number 2 this Saturday, and both my teams would meet up in the GF, so the entire squad experienced their first grand final together. Sure, there’d be a winner and a loser, but it wouldn’t matter because it was us. And T1, well he’s fractured his hand during his last soccer match when some douchebag from the opposition tripped him over, then stomped his studded boot onto my son’s hand. So, he’s probably the most relieved, sporting-wise, coz he’s not the only one from his team missing games.

Still, there’s no bliss here. Only unspeakable, seething rage, a sense of helplessness and dejection.

Photo by Dev Asangbam on Unsplash

6 thoughts on “It’s happening again”

  1. Victoria is a shit show but don’t forget the Federal Governments hand in this as well. They are being political trying to get Labor off side. If the Feds actually committed to building a quarantine facility and helping with funds, then the whole hotel quarantine mess wouldn’t have happened. Plus the wages paid to Aged Care staff and a lack of vaccinations for the whole of the country – only 5million so far after the PM’s promise of 20million by end of March.
    Hang in there and I feel for your kids xx

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