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Sensing the Awkward

The state of Victoria is a dilapidated mess. Could even be described as a fixer-upper.

Only problem is, who can save us? Who is equipped to perform the task? The diligent, difficult work that is required to renovate the state. To tear down the rotten structures and rebuild. Because we need more than a paint job, that’s for sure.

I’ve said it many times before, but it’s the type of message that can’t be overstated: it’s the children who are suffering the most. Here’s a quote from an article published in The Australian today.

Something got lost early on in the fight against Covid, in the message that those most vulnerable were the elderly, which resonated with the guilt many feel about having to surrender daily responsibility for their parents to aged care. We lost focus on those most dependent and most vulnerable: our children.

The Victorian government will insist they have factored in the toll on children of the abruptly blank fortnight, but it is way down the list of priorities compared to that index of virtue, the daily case number – or perhaps the paramount metric, the government’s approval rating.

Because of the very modern mentality that what cannot be measured does not exist, the ­educational and social setbacks of the young are as nothing by comparison.

Someone should be speaking for our children. It is their world more than ours. They have more time on earth ahead of them than we do – and what a stupid, selfish, screwed-up, angry ash heap we’ll bequeath them.

I took my three out to a soccer pitch yesterday, to get them off screens and into the fresh air. The pitch was busy—a good sign—but beneath the artificial turf I could feel the vibrations of apathy, of helplessness even in the face of bright sunshine. And there was also the unmistakable, almost blink-and-you’ll-miss-it awkwardness in social gatherings. It’s there already, lurking in our children and it’s only going to get worse.

Send help to Victoria. Send in the renovators now.

Photo by Belinda Fewings on Unsplash


11 thoughts on “Sensing the Awkward”

  1. Don’t expect any assistance from the Federal Govt. They are leaving Victoria to hang so they can look good. Their Hotel Association mates have gleaned our tax money for quarantine facilities and in turn have donated around $640million to the LNP coffers. This stinks as much as the PM downplaying air-borne transmissions which can happen by just opening a hotel door.
    Anyway who is letting Covid infected people into Victoria? Border Force is a farce as is the idea of self isolation.
    I worry as the annual Winter migration of grey nomads and others from Vic to Qld has started.
    I am glad you are thinking of the health, both mental and physical health of your children Linda. Look after yourself and Hubster too as without your health the family will suffer. Hang in there. Sending lots of love xx

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    1. Thanks Brian. We need all the good thoughts and support we can get right now. Everyone I talk to, or message, is feeling flat as a pancake. We’re all worried for our children. We can see what’s happening to them, how this is affecting them and it seems as though those in leadership give not a whit. Or a shit.
      The fear-mongering that we’re seeing from the Acting Premier, James Merlino, (and Chairman Dan last year) does nobody any favours. Fancy telling people who are already dejected and despondent, already fearful of going outside to the shops, that this strain can be caught by brushing past someone? Not OK, Labor, it’s just not OK. Governing by fear has another name…um, what is it. Lemme think…oh, that’s it. A dictatorship. I don’t actually think it’s a poor effort from ScoMo to downplay it, after all the Vic government couldn’t use their so-called ‘gold standard’ in contact tracing to locate Dan Andrews’ arsehole, let alone how a virus spreads.
      And as for the Federal Government, I think you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone in their corner right now, even the most die-hard Lib supporters, I’d wager. But even their shit efforts at vaccinations, and the lack of a purpose-built quarantine facility can’t make the Victorian government look any worse than it is doing to itself.

      But of course, these are just my opinions… 🙂

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      1. I hate the use of this pandemic by politicians to get points or put shit on each other. We should all be in this together. We, the people, should get our acts together and be responsible for our actions. I would hate for my favourite writer or her family to get sick. If I could I would whisk you all up here to sunny days and fresh air away from harms way. ❤

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  2. Linda, it must be so awful. I really sympathise. I have a different perspective as you probably know, but that does not mean I feel any less heartbroken for all the families caught up in this nightmare.
    Our blogging companion, Paeansunplugged and her family has lived through the horror where the virus wasn’t taken seriously. Stay strong, Linda. Easy for me to say, I know.

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