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Fatalistic Imaginings

What joy is this! A public holiday.

Regular readers will know something of my long-time adoration of public holidays. A day when I paid NOT to work. Total happiness ensues.

Well, it might if I could shake this headache. It’s freaking me out a bit actually, as I had the AZ vaccine nearly two weeks ago, and…well, prone to fatalistic imaginings as I am, can’t help but wonder if I’m about to drop dead from a blood clot to the brain. I know, I’ve just given you a glimpse into my inner thoughts. Clearly a ramshackle mess.

On the subject of fatalistic imaginings, last night Hubster and I were watching TV. Our Girl was at a sleepover but T1 and T2 were in bed, quiet at last and (I think) asleep. Around 10PM, we heard a rap on the door. Confused, we looked at each other in shock—we barely hear knocks on the front door during the day, to say nothing of visitors at night. Thinking something may have gone wrong with Our Girl’s sleepover, doubtful though that may be, we rushed to the door.

There stood a young man wearing a high-vis vest, hard hat, and clutching a torch. From AusNet services. Sometime during the late afternoon a passer-by noted a strong smell of gas coming from our property and placed a call to…who knows, maybe a gas retailer? The bloke had arrived to fix it, in the dark. All of this without us knowing anything about it.

Very thankful to that passer-by, whoever it may be. Also grateful to the worker, who—along with many of his colleagues—has been putting in extremely long days, working on properties and homes which are still without power as a result of the storms here in Melbourne and its outer suburbs late last week. The poor guy had another few call-outs to attend to before he could call it a night.

And get this—he apologised for disturbing our night! Goodness, such a small price to pay. Pausing a movie on Netflix for fifteen minutes is much better than the alternative, which in my mind involves the gas causing an explosion which destroys the house. And those of us within it. (But at least that solves my headache, right?)

But onto brighter, realistic happenings. For today’s public holiday…my plans include finishing a short story to submit to a competition for a writers’ festival coming up here in regional Victoria, reading a book, and basically enjoying not having to work.

Have a good day, bloggers!

Photo by Stephen Radford on Unsplash

18 thoughts on “Fatalistic Imaginings”

      1. You should join the hoards of Victorians who choke the roads heading to Qld one day and stop off here for a rest on your way north to warmer climes πŸ™‚

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  1. May I recommend that you contact your GP if your headache persists or worsens as a matter of importance.
    What a blessing that your gas line has been repaired, and how good is it when the exchange between maintenance person and homeowner is cordial and uplifting.
    All the best with the short story, Linda. I hope you win the competition.

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    1. Yes, I’ve heard others who’ve experienced headaches. Mine has been nearly every morning since having the jab, so a bit anxious about it. However, my neck and shoulders are extremely tight so it’s probably just that. Realistically. Thanks, as ever! πŸ™

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  2. I hope you asked for ID and confirmed that he was and was not just some random guy dresses in the vest, hard hat, etc. Who was knocking at your door at 10 pm to β€œfix a gas leak.” I’d have been very skeptical.

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