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Does Mum know Best

‘It’s all just a terrible waste of time.’

That’s mum, ever the pragmatist. I’d been whining about friendship dramas. How Marianne didn’t like me anymore. Mum launched into a diatribe about relationships and communication and that’s how she finished. Like nothing else I said matters.

‘But Mum,’ I say, sounding a bit like Eric Cartman, even to my own ears. ‘That’s not helpful. I mean, thanks. But you’ve just brushed it all off. Have you even listened to me?’

‘Of course I listened to you.’ Hands on hips. Her I’ve-been-caught-out pose. ‘I’m telling you Sheree, that kindness is all that matters. If we all just chose to be kind, then there’d be none of these problems.’

She’s right, in a way. But Marianne and I are kind to each other. Supportive. Our problem is with communicating to each other. Sometimes she snaps at me. And she reckons I blow hot and cold.

I sigh, long and deep. ‘So what do you reckon I should do?’

‘Phone her.’ Mum says this without hesitation. ‘Apologise. Be kind. And it will all work itself out.’

Nodding slowly to show my agreement, while my brain scrambles for another plan. One that will help strengthen the friendship between Marianne and me, but will also include a way for us to both have a voice, not a doormat for the other to walk over.

Mum doesn’t know best. Not this time.

Photo by Matt Forfar on Unsplash

10 thoughts on “Does Mum know Best”

  1. “Nodding slowly to show my agreement, while my brain scrambles for another plan.” I love that line. It’s important for each person to have a voice and not always take the blame just to keep the peace.

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    1. Aw, thanks so much! We’re having some friendship dramas with Our Girl (who’s 11) at the moment and I’m trying to get that message across to her. You’ve summed it up perfectly! Always be kind, but not a doormat! πŸ™


  2. It’s such a fine line to walk isn’t it? I like your characters. They feel very believable. I remember conversations with my Mum where I felt like she didn’t hear my perspective. Or take my side. But now, with my own daughter, I feel like she dismisses my opinions as a matter of course. Perhaps she will grow out of that.

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    1. I had a similar experience with my Mum. I try to be different with my daughter, I listen and try to advise her in how to navigate while carefully highlighting some of her behaviours that may not be viewed in a good light by her friends. Poor thing is in a minefield at the moment though, and I’ve never felt more out of my depth!!

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  3. In general, I like the idea of being kind, even being good to everyone (in the sense of love [charity in its original sense] your neighbour, however, friendships are fraught, and personalities and experiences colour everything.

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