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End of holidays approaches. Alas, I must ‘return’ to work on Monday, albeit still at my dining table. But in good news of epic proportions – not for long!

I have successfully gained new employment!

In some ways, I’m a bit sad to leave my current job. It’s part-time for a start. And for the past 15 months I’ve been based at home which gave me flexibility to keep a hold of household chores at the same time as tapping away posts on power poles and train tracks, data and defence. I’ve been working there for two years, and I could not have asked for a ‘softer’ entrance back into the permanent workforce after a decade of child-rearing, coupled with study (undergrad degree and Honours), building a freelance business, temp work, and volunteer work (netball).

But next year, Our Girl will head to secondary school. Which means we’ll have three lots of private school fees to pay. A part-time wage wasn’t going to cut it, plus I had really outgrown my current role (how many times can you write about maintaining the wheel-to-track friction before losing the will to live?).

I’d been looking for new work, but not intently. And only last week, I answered a call on my phone and it was a recruiter who I know through (very loose) social circles. She’d placed me in a temp role years ago, and called regarding this particular role. I went for the interview on Tuesday morning, was offered the role in the afternoon, and signed the contract on Wednesday. Two week’s notice at my current employer means I won’t begin until late July.

But I’m excited. It’s perfect for me. And even though it’s full-time, I feel a sense of freedom, knowing that the tasks I perform will be interesting and well-suited to my skills. It’s perfect for me: Engagement Editor, at a private girls’ school. So there’ll be creating publications,writing content, plus editing work as well. And in further good news, the school offers staff a substantial discount in fees, so where this school was out of our price range, it now is. It’s also very close to home, only a five minute drive. We’re now just waiting to see if the school can squeeze Our Girl in for Year 7 2022.

The downside, of course, (and this is the garish element of my news) is that I won’t be able to post on here, near-daily, like I’ve been accustomed to. Please don’t forget about me. I’ll be writing here whenever I can, once I begin the job.

Until then, though, I’ll keep writing.

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13 thoughts on “News”

  1. Wow! Great news! You’re the second Mum I know who has landed an advantageous role this week. It’s so good when pieces fall into place that. I hope the school accepts your daughter! It makes one feel like the world has hope.

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  2. Congratulations, Linda. Well done. Fantastic for you, a little sad for your readers who won’t forget you but who will be keen to read when you have time to post!

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  3. I am so happy for you Linda. Well deserved for a wonderful writer. I shall miss my daily read. Have a great time hopefully writing interesting articles, stories and all those things that go with education. I shall write every now and then if that’s OK? πŸ₯°πŸ’•

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