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Whingeing Life

Sedate me now. I need a break. The kind where you leave your home, a vacation in a far-away land, lie on a beach or a pool lounge somewhere and have someone bring you cocktails.

The kids are out of control, bored with lockdown life, remote learning. Victorians have been told we can be released from this current bout of restrictions next week, but we’re all aware of how politicians duck and dodge, change their mind, and back pedal. We’ll see if we can return to our lives, won’t we.

And for me, I’ve got two more days—that’s 13 hours in total—of working in my job. Got a Zoom interview with a member today, so at least that should be fun, and then, I get to write it up into an article. But geez, I’m looking forward to Friday, 3PM, when I can shut the door on thinking of phrases that make power poles sound interesting 🙂

I realise I’m whingeing. Sorry. I’ve noted on here before though, that I’m prone to it 🙂 And, I’m fairly certain my next lot of whingeing will be over coping with a full-time role, my first since being pregnant with the twins waaaay back in 2007.

Some people are never content, are they?

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12 thoughts on “Whingeing Life”

    1. Thanks Gary. Only T2 finds groove with online learning, and that speaks to the social angst he feels while at school. Double-edged sword and all that jazz. T1 and Our Girl loathe it, although OG is coping OK this time around. Hubster and I keep getting emails and texts from the school saying that T1 has not checked into his classes, and I can hear him chatting with his friends instead of doing school work. I haven’t the energy to deal with it…plus the situation is so fucked I know we’re not the only family with such difficulties. I’m not sure how much longer society can sustain this sort of life…:(

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      1. I feel for you Linda, schooling is secondary to family cohesion and mental health. The mental health ramifications for so many people will be with us for generations. I know that it’s tough for so many people. Hang in there, you have friends here who support you.

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  1. So I’m curious, Linda. You used in this post, and in some others, as well, the word “whingeing.” Is that an Australian term? Does it mean the same thing as “whining,” which means “to snivel or complain in a peevish, self-pitying way.” From your context, it sounds like it does, but I’ve never heard it used in American English.

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    1. Yep, a whinger complains. I didn’t realise the word wasn’t universal, but on a quick check with the Cambridge English Dictionary, it states that it is UK informal. I guess the term travelled out here with all the convicts, whingeing on the boats that they’d got caught stealing a loaf of bread 🙂

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  2. No need to apologise to your readers Linda. We can understand you mental frustrations and the need for a life. I do hope that the power poles will be a source of amusement in later lifes recollections. Sorry for not writing sooner but my life got in the way.
    I am not looking forward to the spread of the dreaded covid up here thanks to Gladys soft approach. Already cases appearing in regional NSW and north and south of my place. Better get stocked up on toilet paper I guess 😂
    Sending many wishes and love 🤗💕

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      1. It’s such a debacle isn’t it, the way governments are handling this. So far, I’ve yet to see anyone do a good job (this time last year, I was firmly on Gladys’ side, but she’s really lost the plot now). I still think Dan’s a dick who’s getting off on the public press conferences and additional power more than doing anything remotely connected with constituents’ best interests.
        I’m so sick of this shit.

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      2. On Monday the CMO for NSW Kerry Chant said it was the govt who closed down the construction industry. Whispers behind her back with Hazzard and Gladys. Gladys steps up pushes Chant to the side, said no it isn’t the Govt. There were bets that we wouldn’t see Kerry at the next pressers. Well well well, guess who hasn’t been seen since her dobbing in the NSW Govt
        I am sick this shit too. Can’t wait for my neurologist appointment to see which vaccine I should get.
        Sending more love xx

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