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Here we go again

The end of Week 2 in my new job drew to a close exactly as my first two days started: working from my dining table. It seems the daily grind is nothing like it used to be.

If you can believe it, Victoria is now in Lockdown 6. We enjoyed a snap opening, where children went back to school and participated in sport, shops and businesses traded their goods and services, and people caught up with friends. In those glorious nine days, we managed to have the interior of our home painted. So we have a gorgeous pale grey on our walls, and bright white on picture rails, ceilings, doors and frames. It’s lovely—just as well, really, because it’s all we’re looking at for seven days. Probably longer.

I’m so sick of this bloody virus, the lockdowns. And I’m not the only one. On the radio, listeners phoned in to speak of their anger. Yesterday, Hubster and I went to Coles for a few necessary items: the car park was busy, the supermarket itself was pumping, too. Later in the day, I took T1 to a park to kick a soccer ball around with friends (not strictly permissible in lockdown, but hey, I’m happy for him to get exercise, fresh air and moments with his friends) and when I went back to pick him up at 5.30pm, I drove past a larger, well-lit park with multiple ovals and walking tracks, where there were loads of people walking their dogs.

I know there are no simple answers to dealing with this, but surely our politicians and health advisers have to find a better way. Our children are living a half-life: kept indoors, forced onto screens—when research screams for parents to minimise screen-time—and excluded from normal social activities. It’s not fair for them. In the halls of parliament, where bureaucratic puffballs foam at the mouth over their own importance, there is a stunning divide between us and them. And too little an understanding of the common people and the way lives ought to be lived. And that has to change, or I suspect Andrews may have a revolt on his hands.

We’re done.

Photo by Sarah Kilian on Unsplash

20 thoughts on “Here we go again”

  1. I don’t have happy or good news. The more people who maintain the spread of the infection, the more likely SARS-COV-2 will change with more lineages emerging. Most will burn out, a few will become variants of concern, my prayer is that we don’t see a variant which is not only more transmissible like the delta variant but also more severe and also an escape mutant which renders vaccination less effective. I’m generally not a pessimist, however, we’re seeing SARS-COV-2 evolve in real time.

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      1. Yep, Linda, I feel for you and yours in lockdown 6, at the moment, it’s the only measure which will stop the infection spreading. Seeing the ICU admission numbers and deaths in Sydney at the moment is sobering.

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  2. I do feel your pain Linda.I am glad I don’t have school age kids at home and don’t live in a crowded city where some people have no regard for anyone else but themselves and their own importance.
    Even here where there is no covid, but it’s has started to creep out of Sydney due to selfish people, we are all wearing masks, checking in and out of places, sanitising hands and being mindful of others but that’s how country towns look after each other. Yes there are exceptions of course but they are a minority.
    So glad your painting was done, it must look a treat.Stay positive and happy. 🤗💕

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  3. I think we are all tired of this whole COVID situation and how it’s affecting our lives. I just wish everyone would get vaccinated and follow the guidelines and best practices so that we can finally put this thing behind us and get back to normal. Or maybe this is our new normal. 🙁

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    1. Oh yeah! Aust has had Pzifer and AZ since Feb ir March this year. I’ve had ine dose of AZ, with my second due at the end of this month. Problem is take-up, too many too hesitant to have the jab, particularly when there’s mixed messages coming from different politicians!!

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      1. Well, Adelaide has always been slower* than the rest of the country 🤣🤣🤣
        *Not actually true: first state to give women the vote is just one fact that tears that belief apart 😀
        My parents, in their 80s, have recently had theie second dose of AZ. Also in Adl.
        The vaccine rollout has been a monumental fuck up by the federal govt. Voters on either side of politics would agree, I beleive!

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      2. Yep. Adelaide was never a penal settlement either. Had an openly gay premier in the late 70s. And stopped teaching RE first out of all states and territories. But we love to hang shit on the little quaint city 🤣🤣🤣

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