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Life in a penal colony

Accept the lunacy with resignation.

At least, that’s what the governments here in Australia want us to do. Eighteen months after this shitty virus wreaked havoc across the globe, when almost all the rest of the world are returning to a normal life, most of Australia is, ironically, a penal colony. And what’s to be done about it? What can be done about it? Why are those in power still trying to lead us to eliminating COVID, when it is blatantly obvious—and has been for eighteen months—that this is not going away?

It’s clear the rules are being made up as those in charge go about their day. And they are ridiculous.

The madness toggles between sinister and comical. Especially hilarious are the comedy stylings of the bullying dolt who is turning Victoria into a post-apocalyptic wasteland: it’s acceptable to remove your useless mask to drink coffee on the street, he declares, but an offence to do so to drink alcohol. It must be excruciating for black-clad Melburnians, paralysed indecision warming their espresso martinis.

Don’t even think of responding along the lines of ‘they’re keeping us safe’. I may have bought that line last year (although I really didn’t think it true then, either). Mounted police patrolling beaches, moving on mothers and toddlers building sandcastles? That’s just punitive.

Here in Melbourne, we’re at breaking point. A ripple of anger lies beneath our collective skin. We’re lean, torn apart by politicking, not the virus. Our mental health is stretched. Parents watch children cry over missed connections with friends, sport, school, and that simple activity we used to take for granted: leaving the house, without fear, without a mask, without a backward glance, just because we could.

I’m not sure how much longer we can live like this. And yet, in Melbourne, we’re expecting to hear that restrictions will be extended, both in time and into regional Victoria.

Photo by John Salvino on Unsplash

21 thoughts on “Life in a penal colony”

  1. I hear your frustration. And I know Victoria has had a really shitty time. But this Delta virus scares the crap out of me. Especially because kids are being so affected. I just wish the vaccine roll-out had been enacted more effectively – not that that would help kids. It’s a shit situation. And I agree that lockdown probably isn’t a good solution for Delta. But the thought of just letting it run rampant scares the pants off me. I am vaccinated but my kids aren’t.

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    1. The problem is our leaders aren’t leading. Doesn’t matter where individual preferences lie, politicians are failing us right now, in how they manage this virus. In Melbourne, we have an inadequate health system (set up by none other than our bullying dolt when he was health minister) that can’t provide care for people struck down by this. That’s why we’re in a statewide (well, soon will be) lockdown. That’s why he never answers questions regarding hospitals instead shifting blame onto the community, and angrily telling us we’re doing the wrong thing.
      Anyway, enough politics…how are you? Tell me how you are with medication and rest and parenting and life. 💝

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      1. True. The leadership is mostly crap. We had our first home schooling day for this year yesterday. Luckily, I had round 4 of chemo the day before. 😂😂. Exemplary timing. Mr Worms has been juggling most of the balls. But I have helped a bit.

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      2. It’s great to have a good Mr Worms. How many rounds do you have? Now might be a good time to say, I know nothing of what you’re going through, and I hope I don’t ever inadvertently say the wrong or thoughtless thing, but I’m sending positive vibes your way. Keep on resting and letting others take care of you. xx

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  2. Two months after Gladbags could have told the Bondi elite to lockdown and could have stopped the spread, oh no she is now getting stuck into the poorer areas of Western Sydney saying it’s all their fault where in this mess. So much for Scummo’s “Gold Standard” Premier. Getting the vaccines to the people at the start. Yes 18 months and then under orders wonders why it’s not happening but we’re on track. Places like Singapore have 77% of their population double dosed!!! Our Govt’s, both your state and mine plus the Federal gov’t are asses.
    I am in lockdown but for me it’s no real concern except I can’t see my bestie and won’t for who knows how long now. At least you can be with your family. I am isolated out here but my mental health is OK. I probably need a little bit of social interaction I guess.
    Wanting to give you a hug right now 🤗🤗❤

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  3. 2 more rounds then a short break then radiation. Woohoo!! 😊. I think, in this pandemic, every personal reaction is valid. Well.. I am a strong vaccine advocate. But I think it’s awful what it’s doing to kids and mental health and socialising and education and I feel terrible for people in difficult homes or twenty year olds missing their uni and their youth. It’s awful on so many levels. And all the politicking just seems so childish and unacceptable. Here’s a good video to highlight the idiocy.

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  4. I share your concern about the mental health ramifications, not only from the fear and anxiety the pandemic is causing but also from the isolation that results from social restrictions.

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  5. The numbers in Australia are pitifully small compared to the rest of the world. I’m amazed that nobody rhere has put forward plans to coexist with the virus. Because the virus isn’t going away. What is Australia goinitg to do when it wants everyone to start flying there again? You’re always gonna have a small residual presence of the virus coming in.
    The Australian answer seems to be that everybody should be locked up.
    Lacks imagination, no, especially when it is touted as a permanent solution.

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      1. Well, the only thing we have really “done” is to have a vaccination drive. The Aus government has been delinquent on that.
        We had 30,000+ new cases yesterday, btw, but with “only” 100 new deaths. I know it is still 100, but with those odds, we take our chances. Deaths are variable – we have also had days without any deaths. Pre-vaccines they ran at about 1150, every day.

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      2. I think there is an acceptance that they’ve done all they can. There is possible conflict because the govt has mooted booster jabs while some pretty credible medicine men are saying the jabs would be better used in the third world. They are due to make a decision in September..

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  6. For what it’s worth, with the delta variant and “breakout infections,” coupled with anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers, many regions in the United States are nowhere near returning to a normal life.

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