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Across the garden

The vista from the bedroom window is pristine. Neatly mowed lawn and trimmed edges. Not a leaf on the paved pathway. Verdant green shrubbery, and bright coloured flowers: peonies, roses, nasturtiums, and daisies.

Marianne’s garden gives her much pleasure. Although, she’s really upped the amount of work she pours into it, given the ongoing lockdowns. What else is there to do? She can’t abide television shows and after walking for her two allocated hours out of the home, the time with her hands in the soil garners great joy.

That sense of accomplishment is heightened from where she sits now, in her window seat in the front room. Across the road, she can see Jill in her garden. Without a second thought, she jumps from the seat and leaves her home.

‘Morning Jill!’

‘Hello Marianne, how are you?’

Marianne stands on the edge of the footpath, careful to keep her required social distance. ‘Really well, Jill. What about yourself?’

Jill leaves her trowel in the potting mix and places her hands on her hips. ‘I’m over this. Lonely. I want to see my grandkids.’

‘I think we’re all over it. Something’s got to change in the way this virus is handled.’

‘Damn straight Marianne. Never a truer word spoken.’ Jill looks up and down the street. ‘How about we flout the rules? Why don’t you come in for a cuppa and a chat?’

A smile breaks out on Marianne’s face. She’s always enjoyed the older woman’s company. As she walks to the fence, she says, ‘I’d love that, Jill.’

Photo by Zane Lee on Unsplash

7 thoughts on “Across the garden”

  1. A lovely story. From a time when you had neighbours not just people next door. How many times did it take you to spell nasturtiums. I never do first go for some reason. I write nasturtiums and get the red wriggly line of “you idiot, I’ve told you once”
    Hoping you and the kids gave Hubster a great day 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It’s just awful here at the moment. State premiers bicker over difference in handling outbreaks. People are prevented from seeing loved ones by border control. Kids, up til last week, weren’t able to go to a playground. They’re still unable to play sport, go to school, see their friends. It’s horrible.
      Thanks for commenting…lovely to hear from you ❤❤


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