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What a Farce

Another day in lockdown. Melbourne is now the holder of the dubious title of Most Locked-down City in the World.

And Dan Andrews is already in talks to extend the State of Emergency powers for another six months. I can only imagine the sort of plans he’s drafting, ones that will further drag Melbourne into an apocalyptic wasteland. All around us, lives are imploding, businesses are sinking, people are hesitant to contact others. What a shitstorm he’s created. I’d suggest the man resign, but he’s too arrogant to listen to anyone.

Too sad, too angry, too depressed.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

15 thoughts on “What a Farce”

      1. I remember my first visit as a work trip. Everyone looked so depressed and dark. Wearing black like they were in mourning and the streets of the CBD were depressing. People rave about the food, but I think all cities have places with great food. Maybe I too used to sunshine ☀️

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  1. I feel so much for you Linda. I doubt whether anyone else would be able to get on top of the shitstorm that is Melbourne no matter what side of politics they come from.
    I dread the opening up of the country when there is 70% vaccinated as us in the rural areas don’t have access to vaccines as readily as city people and letting them out of the cities into a vulnerable rural communities, especially up here where everyone loves to holiday is a recipe for our disaster.
    Many hugs and love 🤗🤗❤

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      1. Linda, children are the most neglected all over the world during these times. We don’t know and can’t even begin to imagine the long term repercussions on their mental well being these prolonged lockdowns will have!

        You are welcome. Let’s hope things get better.

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