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To the Wedding

Cheryl watched the sky from the window seat in her bedroom. It was her favourite past time when she was perplexed about making life decisions. Many times, she’d seen answers in the shapes and patterns in the cloudscape.

Today, though, there was nothing but clear blue as far as she could see. She should feel happy—perfect weather for a wedding—but her trembling fingers and wobbly tummy made her feel wary.

‘Cheryl?’ Kevin called from the doorway. ‘You ready?’


‘We gotta go in, like…’ his voice trailed for a moment. ‘…ten minutes.’

‘Yeah, yeah. I know.’

Cheryl moved from the window seat. Her legs shook and threatened to give way as she made her way to her wardrobe. She had to look spectacular. There was no way she could attend this wedding looking anything less than fabulous.

‘Matt needs me there, babe.’ Kevin was pacing; she could hear his feet pounding on the floorboards.

She sighed. ‘I know hun. I’m almost ready.’ Standing in front of the robe, wearing nothing but a G-string, she wasn’t even close.

The door opened; Kevin filled the space with his frame. ‘Oh God, Cheryl, you’re not ready! You’re not even dressed!’

How could she tell him why she was stalling? She’d break his heart if he heard about the night she spent with Matt. His best friend.

Kevin sat on the edge of their bed. ‘You gotta hustle babe. Come on.’

She walked towards him. ‘Actually, I’m not going to go.’

‘What? Why not?’

‘I don’t feel well. My tummy’s on the blink.’ And in a way, it was true. She did have a jiggly stomach. She just wasn’t going to tell him why.

Kevin stared, reached his arms out for her. He smiled, small and wan. ‘If this is about you and Matt, I know all about it.’

She felt her insides drop to the floor. ‘How do you know that?’

Her question dangled in the air. He watched her face as he responded, ‘I didn’t until now.’


‘Don’t. Just don’t even try to justify it. I had my suspicions for months. And your behaviour leading to Matt’s wedding has been weird to say the least.’

Cheryl sat next to him. ‘I’m sorry.’

‘Don’t speak.’ Kevin stood, walked to the door. ‘I’m going to the wedding. We’ll talk more when I get home.’

Cheryl fell backwards onto the bed. She heard the car sputter down the street. Only then did she crawl into her bed, and sleep.

Sometimes, it was better to sleep than face problems.

Photo by Im3rd Media on Unsplash

8 thoughts on “To the Wedding”

  1. It’s true sleep is often a refuge when there are problems facing me, yet the problem will remain when I wake up. I wonder how the situation will end for Cheryl and Kevin. In this day and age of quick fixes, I guess they may part, who knows? Is it worth it staying together? Is the abdominable discomfort more than nervous tension? Is she nauseous because she’s pregnant? Who is the father?

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