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Abnormal Days

I’ve been enjoying five consecutive days off from work. It’s been lovely, restful. In normal circumstances, I might’ve flown home to Adelaide to visit my ageing parents, or, given it’s school holidays, as a family we could have popped to a regional city for a mini-break. But alas, Melbourne is far from normal.

The protests in recent days have been ugly, as has the policing. Everyone will have a different opinion regarding these unfortunate scenes, but mine lies somewhere close to favouring those protesting. The days of being amenable to a so-called leader, who’s displayed outright contempt for individuals, small business owners, and society in general, are done.

Throughout history, bad governments have been overthrown by the collective voice of the people. Questionable decisions, evil dictators, and divisive policies—like segregation of any kind—are all overturned eventually by ordinary members of the public.

And I think Melburnians, who’ve largely been compliant for 18 months are finally seeing Andrews for who he is. A politician who lacks transparency as well as the ability to exercise power in an acceptable manner. Take, for example, his claiming of emergency powers, back in March 2020, which he still steadfastly clutches onto, and seeks to extend again, come December. Take, for example, his shutting down of the construction industry at an evening press conference last week. Take, for example, his ongoing refusal to acknowledge the damage being done to our children. Take, for example, his continuous bleating of the ‘science’ behind his decisions, yet withholding such scientific evidence from the public. His minuscule easing of restrictions is too little, too late for us. His micro-management of collective behaviour is similar to that of a dictator, and, with individuals being asked to produce ID while out exercising or picnicking with their families, is eerily close to the Stasi.

I feel so sad, so powerless, so helpless. It’s not surprising therefore that others feel the same, yet those who are much braver than me take to the streets to revolt against what is happening here in Melbourne.

And I can only hope that Dan Andrews’ days in government are numbered.

Photo by Colin Lloyd on Unsplash

7 thoughts on “Abnormal Days”

  1. I remember once before you talked about this guy, and I happened to mention it to my buddy (who also lives in Melbourne). His simple retort was simply that Andrews’ Approval Ratings were… somethingv ery high.

    So, what are his Approval Ratings now?

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    1. It’s strange. Worst premier Victoria has ever had, yet has the highest approval ratings we’ve ever seen. His ratings are slipping but still a loyal fan base. Odd given he lies and obfuscates, throws his peers and bureaucrats under the bus to save his skin like no other pollie I’ve ever seen. He’s sometimes referred to as Teflon Dan.

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      1. It will be interesting, though I hold little hope that the Labor govt will be beaten by the Liberals. Although Libs recently had a change i leadership and the new leader of the party is vocal and visible, I doubt it will be enough. 🤷‍♀️

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