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After the night ends

It’s no apparition. Unfortunately. Her costume was too tight.

Sarah-Jane stared at her reflection in her full-length mirror. She turned from side to side, critically appraising what she saw.

The buttons on her blouse strained across her breasts; the seams pulled, to the point where she wondered if the thread would snap. And the bottom of the shirt rolled up over her tummy and bum. The skirt was too short, it barely covered her thighs.

But. But. She had to go. She promised Timothy she’d meet him and his kids and join them for Halloween. It was early days in their relationship so Sarah-Jane felt she couldn’t back out. And in no way could she confess to her real thoughts about Halloween.

She took a breath, fixed the hat to her head with bobby pins and tucked up the stray strands of hair that fell down her neck.

Slipping into the ridiculously high heels, Sarah-Jane picked up her handbag and left her flat.

Tim would love this nurses costume though. There would be some fun between the two of them once they were back at his house, and his children were down for the night. Smiling, she focussed on that.

Photo by Vino Li on Unsplash

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