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Four Day Weekend

It’s Monday, shortly before 9am, the day before Cup Day here in Melbourne. A weird time each year, one that many Melburnians refer to as a long weekend. It’s not. Not really. Tuesday is the public holiday, and the Monday is piggy-backed by a growing majority to turn it into a four day weekend.

I am in the very fortunate place of having today off—a freebie given to all staff by my new place of work (have I mentioned how much I LOVE my new job??)—and the twins’ school also is not open today. Our Girl’s school was due a Curriculum Day, but given the lengthy period of remote learning we’ve just emerged from, the principal decided to change it to a normal school day. But, because I’m a nice mummy, I gave Our Girl the option to stay home if she’d like. She thought it over for a day last week, then took up my offer.

So we’re all home. I’m currently still wearing my pyjamas; two out of my three kidlets are still asleep.

However, I plan to do a bit of work, either today or tomorrow. The Year Book goes to the printers at the end of this week, and the other publication that’s due at the end of this month currently has massive gaps in content. I am back onsite on Wednesday, and all the extra-curricular stuff we’re involved in will start again this week. I feel like life is going to start spinning me around and around and around, at a rapid pace!

No more procrastinating. I’m going to switch laptops and plod about for a few hours. That’ll do the trick.

Have a good day.

Photo by Fuu J on Unsplash


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