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The Pace of Life

Life has picked up its tempo.

I feel like I am stuck on a spin cycle, only I come out not fresh and clean, but dirty, full of grunge and grime. And exhausted.

But this job – it’s great. The Year Book is complete – at the printer – and the online, interactive version is ready, waiting to be sent by email to the student community. I’m almost finished the second publication, the one that goes to families, alumnae and other interested parties. My deadline is looming, but I know I’ll make it.

Netball has started up again; a quick short-round competition to make up for the loss of the entire Season 2 from lockdown. Basketball, too, has begun for T2 and he’s actually about to have his third consecutive match. T1 is doing pre-season training with a new soccer club, one that’s affiliated with Villarreal in Spain, so it’s hardcore and of a much higher standard that his former club.

And T1 and T2 turned 14 during the week.

How about you, blogger friends? I’ve missed seeing your posts. How is life in your corner of the world?

Photo by Jeremy Lapak on Unsplash

8 thoughts on “The Pace of Life”

  1. Hi Linda, knew you were busy as so didn’t worry too much. This weekend would have been an email for sure.
    Nothing much different up here except the heat has been turned up to 30 – 35C and it’s 120% humidity but the afternoon storms have been spectacular.
    Special happy birthday hugs to the lads. Did Our Girl go all out with a birthday dinner? I guess the Hubster is home to help out with the ferrying. Catch ya later xx

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