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School’s out.

At least it is for T1 and T2 who finished at midday on Thursday. Our Girl will continue right up to mid-December—there are many celebrations planned to commemorate her last days in primary school. A graduation, picnic and fun events, to name a few.

I can’t believe Our Girl is finishing primary school. Only yesterday, it seems, she clung to me in the playground at the junior school before being called into the classroom for her first day of prep. I blinked and here we are. This coming Wednesday, she’ll have an Orientation Day at her new school (where I work) with other incoming Year 7 students for 2022. Hubster and I will be able to meet some parents, enjoy a morning tea, plus a tour of our brand new school building, which will be home to the students in Years 7-9.

The students at my school finished up yesterday, at lunchtime. All staff enjoyed a Christmas party in the afternoon on the school oval—with market umbrellas, outdoor furniture, an open bar that included Mumm champers (I know!!), cocktails, beer, wine, and yummy canapes. A lovely way to profit from working at an elite private school. I’m not sure I’ve mentioned here previously how much I love this job!

I continue working until the 16th December. On Monday, our community publication will be sent to the printers, and a link for the digital version forwarded to all families, alumnae and other subscribers. Then, I have one more small job to do for a summer school holiday program we offer in January and I. Am. Done.

Term 4 has flown by in a haze. I’ve been so busy, so energised by the tasks and yet also so anxious about them. But I’ve had some positive feedback from my manager and other staff members. The Vice-Principal did a final copy-edit on the community publication on Tuesday and, when I saw her later, on Wednesday, after incorporating her changes, she mentioned how good it looks and I’ve done a great job.

All is well. But I’m looking forward to having a break and resting for a few weeks.

Photo by Gabriella Clare Marino on Unsplash

4 thoughts on “December”

  1. A fabulous end of year stuff Linda. Yes the kids do seem to whizz through schooling. What a pity they only supplied Mumms champers. I bet you were making sure the others didn’t have to endure drinking it 😂 I am so happy you have found “your place” and are very happy. x
    PS I forgot to ask….do you like your new job?

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  2. How wonderful it is when our children progress and move up into new environments. I hope you and your husband enjoy meeting with the other parents and your daughter enjoys the new school.
    I’m hoping as we transition into 2022 we have a quiet summer.

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