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Saskia’s Car

Saskia is slumped on her parents’ couch. Evicted from her flat this morning, she’s hoping to move in with the olds for a while. Her few possessions are stuffed into two boxes and most of her clothing in a suitcase. The rest is in the back seat of her rusty 1971 HQ Monaro.

Her dad is staring out the window. ‘You should take that piece of crap to the tip.’

She visibly bristles at the suggestion. Dad’s never understood her love for that car. Probably because he doesn’t know how she acquired it. But that’s OK. Fathers aren’t supposed to understand their daughters’ tumultuous relationships. Especially when the boyfriend is nineteen years older, married, and snorts too much coke.

Saskia got to keep Jake’s car after he ended things with her, citing a need to clean up his act and focus on his wife and kids. She threatened to expose him to his wife, as well as notifying his place of work about his dirty habit. After Jake called her bluff, she picked up her phone, ready to spill it all to his CEO, including how many times they’d had sex on his desk, both high as a kite, with Jake’s EA on the other side of the door, ready to bat away any impromptu visitors.

‘Dad, it’s a classic,’ Saskia responds, remembering how Jake silently handed over the keys to the Monaro. In that moment, a deal was struck: she got the car and in return she was never to speak to him or come near him, his family or place of work again. She smiles now; definitely came out the winner there.

‘It’s a money trap.’

She scoffs. ‘Have you looked at it? I clearly don’t spend any money on it, Dad.’

He doesn’t respond. Saskia watches as he stares at the car.

‘Better not be leaking oil onto my driveway. Your mother and I just had it resurfaced.’

She knows what’s coming next. Every visit home, a variation of the same theme.

‘You know, dear,’ her dad says, ‘It’s about time you grew up. Get a job and stay in it. Save money. Invest in real esta…’

And here it is, she thinks. At least he never disappoints. Reliable old chap.

Minutes pass. Saskia’s completely tuned out to her dad’s little speech. But when he finishes, she clears her throat and says, ‘So, I’m right to crash here for a few weeks?’

Photo by Chris Barnard on Unsplash


14 thoughts on “Saskia’s Car”

  1. What sort of self-respecting Australian father would speak so blasphemously about an HQ Monaro? As much as I prefer Mopar and Ford, the HQ Monaro with the imported Chev 350 small block V8 is truly a classic. Saskia’s father is an idiot of epic proportions.

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      1. Ah, all in a good spirit. If you’re going to be rude/nasty to someone, a fictional character is best, don’t you think. And Hubster would agree with you re daughters coming home with such a classic car. Happy Australia Day! πŸ™‚

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      2. Enjoy the public holiday Linda, I hope you and the family can enjoy some relaxation time. I’ll be doing some work and hoping to have time to cook a lamb loin roast later 😊

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  2. βœ… Car
    βœ… Sex on the desk
    βœ… Way of getting said car
    ❎ Dads response to car
    ❎ Precious driveway
    βœ… Listening….”Invest in real esta”…blah blah blah
    βœ… Ending
    Coming to your place for lunch……🐏🀀❀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Neither do I!!! 🀣🀣 At least in the sense that I couldn’t pick one out on the street. And not that there’s many on the street these days! Anyhoo, Google is my research friend. Hubster’s pretty good car-wise too.

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