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The Session

The flickering candles give off a spooky light in the room. My fingers lightly grasp the fabric of the curtains; I turn to face the hallway and rickety staircase, consider leaving.

‘Welcome, dear,’ a female voice calls.

The curtain slips from my hand and I’m standing in the dimly lit room. My eyes make out the woman at the table; her face is directly behind a clear crystal ball. She smiles.

‘Come. Sit.’

I do as I’m told. Yet I still feel an overwhelming desire to leave.

‘What brings you here today?’

Her question inexplicably irks me. Shouldn’t she know the answer? I shrug off my annoyance when it occurs to me that I don’t even know why I’m here, so she may be getting confused readings.

My partner, Terrance, thought it would be fun for us to have individual sessions with a clairvoyant. He’s been to his, already. Came home charged and positive, yet withheld all the information passed to him by the psychic—at her suggestion—excepting a few mumbled sentences like, ‘You’ll love it Shirl’.

‘But I don’t think I will, Terrence,’ I’d said. My protestations fell on deaf ears. Or rather, ears that refused to hear anxieties or misgivings. I didn’t want to know what my future held. I’d rather discover it day by day, like I’d been doing for the past six decades. What would be the point of a stranger telling us how much longer we had on this earth.

This, particularly, is something I don’t want to know.

My tummy is a stormy sea. ‘Hello,’ I say, dipping my head and avoiding her steely gaze. I hold my breath, trying to still the undulating feeling in my gut. It doesn’t work.

‘I’m sensing a hesitation in you.’

Surely anyone can sense that.

She smiles again, but it doesn’t reach her eyes. ‘Relax, dear. You’re in good hands.’ She pauses. The silence fills the room; it soon becomes stifling, humid, and I wring my hands together in my lap. ‘Everything will be alright.’

I remain unconvinced, even as she begins her reading.

Photo by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash


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