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Sunday morning tradition in this home involves Hubster and T1 enjoying a full breakfast, a teapot to share and watching episodes of some television show. Currently, it's Australian Survivor. In the past, Top Gear, Grand Tour, Ted Lasso, The Shrink Next Door, to name only a few. But this morning, T1 is absent, having gone… Continue reading Life

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Cheryl’s Stories

Cheryl liked to use waxy, slippery words in her prose. Thought it made her seem lofty and intelligent. She'd written seven manuscripts, and was very proud of herself. Couldn't understand why authors said writing was hard. Cheryl churned words onto the screen, page after page. Placed the copyright symbol at the bottom of her title… Continue reading Cheryl’s Stories

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The Office

Missy is in the work bathroom. She's here alone; she checked under the cubicle doors for feet, then, confident she had the sprawling space to herself, she splashed water over her face. She touched up her makeup, fixed the collar of her blouse and is now staring at herself in the mirror. 'You got this… Continue reading The Office

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An Oopsie

Yesterday, I did something very thoughtless. Stemming from frustration, I sent an email that was visceral, emotional and my action stirred up a hornet's nest of anger and hurt. I am ashamed of myself, that I let my feelings cloud my perspective. Damage has been done, and it will take more than a tablecloth to… Continue reading An Oopsie