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About Oliver

'He's a snake.' Josie is talking about Oliver. He's my friend. But even I acknowledge he's an entitled prick. 'Yeah, I know what you mean.' I rub Josie's back as I speak. She's close to tears, her bottom lip trembling. 'He has a way about him.' This understatement has rallied Josie. Her eyes flicker with… Continue reading About Oliver

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The House

Sarah and Danny clink their glasses together. 'To us,' Danny says, smiling lopsidedly. Sarah sips; the bubbles burst and dance on her tongue, momentarily distracting her from Danny's sexy grin. 'Mmm, to us.' 'We did good babe.' His hand runs up and down her back. 'It'll always be us. You and me against the world.'… Continue reading The House

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Ah, a long weekend. Right when it's most needed. It's been a busy start to the year; a crazy-paced march each day from work to home, kids' sporting commitments and social events. Perhaps some water-based relaxation techniques or therapy is called for. If only I had a huge bathtub to soak in or could be… Continue reading Rest

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Harriet and Rose

Harriet is staring at her baby in the cot. Rose is snugly wrapped, eyes closed and asleep; her breath loud, defying her size. At only four weeks old, Rose is beguiling. Harriet, despite a bone-aching tiredness, the likes of which she's never before experienced, is besotted and spends a good portion of her days just… Continue reading Harriet and Rose

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Number’s Up

It's true, the world is home to some nasty people. But don't you find that, mostly, good wins out? That there's more positivity, more friendliness, more who welcome than those who are surly, unkind, and grumpy? Let's aim to keep it that way. Be the nice person, the friendly walker who smiles and greets everyone.… Continue reading Number’s Up