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The Ending

‘You’re a fox,’ Tom said, whispering in my ear as we left the restaurant.

We were on our third date; everything was going fabulously. No pregnant pauses in conversation, no awkwardness between us. Kisses were a thrill, a promising sign of what was to come. I’d discovered nothing negative about him. Until now.

My stomach turned at his words. A heaviness set like cement in my limbs as I stopped walking. He turned to face me.

‘I’m sorry,’ I said. ‘I can’t be with you anymore.’

I let go of his hand and walked away, leaving Tom dumbfounded, shocked, his mouth agape.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash


8 thoughts on “The Ending”

  1. Well that was unexpected. Maybe she misunderstood what he said.
    Like when Prince Charles turned up at Timbertop in Victoria to go to school wearing a fur hat in the middle of Summer.
    He told Queen Elizabeth “I am going to go to school at Timbertop.”
    The Queen said “Wear the fox hat.” 🙂

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