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The Gift

'Oh, thank you!' Beth says. 'This is fantastic, just what I wanted.' She's aware of a gushing tone, making her words seem disingenuous. Looking up at Ronald she feels guilty, wants to say more, but even she knows it will only make her sound sarcastic. She smiles at him. 'Baby, I'm glad.' If he's noticed… Continue reading The Gift

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In the morning

The morning light breaks through the slit in the curtains. Stella stirs in her bed; her hand reaches to the opposite side. It's empty. She sits, stretches. Groans as her arms rise above her head and her torso lifts. She hears a pop in her shoulder. 'Dan?' she calls. He's probably in the bathroom. Stella… Continue reading In the morning


Hello, it’s me

Hello folks. It's been a while. I trust some of you will remember me, welcome me back here. I'm rusty, my fingers hovering over the keyboard instead of furiously tapping; my brain struggling to find creativity. But I am ploughing straight in. I see no alternative---four weeks of annual leave and top of my To-Do… Continue reading Hello, it’s me