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To the Wedding

Cheryl watched the sky from the window seat in her bedroom. It was her favourite past time when she was perplexed about making life decisions. Many times, she'd seen answers in the shapes and patterns in the cloudscape. Today, though, there was nothing but clear blue as far as she could see. She should feel… Continue reading To the Wedding

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The Sideboard

Alexis' eyes blinked rapidly as her mother berated her. Didn't matter that Alexis was now forty-two, her mother's lectures still made her feel like a small child. Bewildered by the sight of her mother, in her late 70s, standing close, Alexis chose not to placate her. It was better to ride out the storm, have… Continue reading The Sideboard

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At the Shop

Sam's fingers trembled as she locked the front doors of her boutique. Her body was hot, tingly and she could feel her pulse beating against her ribs. She'd happily never go through that experience again. Walking through the shop, she lovingly caressed her stock. Deeps breaths---in through her nose and out through her mouth---helped to… Continue reading At the Shop

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Working together

Sarah and Craig lay awake in their bed. Not touching, not speaking. The space between them a gaping chasm. Sarah pondered this while she stared at the ceiling. His job loss, and his interfering mother were part of the problem. But it wasn't the main reason. She pushed the thought back down, back into its… Continue reading Working together

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Across the garden

The vista from the bedroom window is pristine. Neatly mowed lawn and trimmed edges. Not a leaf on the paved pathway. Verdant green shrubbery, and bright coloured flowers: peonies, roses, nasturtiums, and daisies. Marianne's garden gives her much pleasure. Although, she's really upped the amount of work she pours into it, given the ongoing lockdowns.… Continue reading Across the garden