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Lucy’s Video

While Lucy uploaded the video to her socials, she hummed a tune. The overwhelming sense of currency she felt, plus the simplicity of it all, was going to ensure her status as an influencer. Lucy could almost see the merchandise arriving on her door, smell the scent of cash. 'Lucy, Lucy, you're amazing!' She flicked… Continue reading Lucy’s Video

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Mindy’s Shopping Trip

'And at this juncture in time, all stock will be half-price. You won't want to miss this opportunity.' Mindy walks past the spruiker in front of the electronics store, surprised that this is still a job. Hardly ever see them anymore; a relic from a by-gone era. She's mildly interested in the sale, though. Needs… Continue reading Mindy’s Shopping Trip

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Planting and Growing

I clutch onto the little paper bag in one hand. The other is holding Clarabel's pudgy, soft fingers. We're on our way to the vegetable patch. In the bag are various seeds for cos lettuce, zucchini, tomato, pumpkin and sweet potato. That should be enough to keep her interested. 'Wherz da patch, Mumma?' asks Clarabel.… Continue reading Planting and Growing

Family, Fiction, Health and wellbeing, Melbourne, Parenting, Relationship and marriage, Writing

Fortnightly Visit

Celeste stares in the mirror. First, she leans in close. Really gets a good look at her pores. Big, open. She makes a mental note to book an appointment with her beautician. Meryl is brilliant. Her products even better. She moves away from the mirror, surveys her symmetrical face with her chin jutted high. Years… Continue reading Fortnightly Visit

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Scratch that itch

The auditorium is silent. Dark behind the spotlights. I cast a glance, hopeful to make out some friendly faces. My family is out there, and Brad too. Hopefully. Shapes of humans. That's all I can see. There's someone in the front row with a high bun. I wonder if the person behind her is annoyed.… Continue reading Scratch that itch