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Here we are, ready to tackle another week. The last week of Term 2 here in Victoria. My kids are tired, I'm tired, and from what I can glean, the whole world is tired. A pandemic will do that, so I've discovered. I've planned to take annual leave, so that I'm at least not trying… Continue reading Tired

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I'm keen to let you all know the results from yesterday's netball matches. Unfortunately, my second team (Supernovas) lost their match, so they finished the season at 4 on the ladder. Still an amazing result overall, and each girl played really well. The issue was just bad luck with shooting goals: the ball bounced around… Continue reading Results

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Grand Final

In just over two hours, Our Girl and her teammates will play in their very first netball grand final. Well, it's a pared-down version of a grand final, given there are many, many restrictions still in place. There are no spectators allowed into the stadium which means of course that there will be no atmosphere---you… Continue reading Grand Final

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Lucy’s Video

While Lucy uploaded the video to her socials, she hummed a tune. The overwhelming sense of currency she felt, plus the simplicity of it all, was going to ensure her status as an influencer. Lucy could almost see the merchandise arriving on her door, smell the scent of cash. 'Lucy, Lucy, you're amazing!' She flicked… Continue reading Lucy’s Video

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Mindy’s Shopping Trip

'And at this juncture in time, all stock will be half-price. You won't want to miss this opportunity.' Mindy walks past the spruiker in front of the electronics store, surprised that this is still a job. Hardly ever see them anymore; a relic from a by-gone era. She's mildly interested in the sale, though. Needs… Continue reading Mindy’s Shopping Trip