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Melbourne is in shock. Late Thursday afternoon, news broke of four bodies discovered in a home in the north-western suburbs. A woman in her 40s and three children. No signs of disturbance, no echoes of trouble. Neighbours interviewed by media all shared the same view: the family seemed happy, actively engaged with others in the… Continue reading Shock

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'OK, then. That's me,' Henry says to his mother. The woman from the airline company's ground crew has announced boarding for his flight. Jane visibly frets and fidgets. Henry is her only son, and at nineteen, she knows he's old enough to galavant across Europe for the northern hemisphere's summer, but in her mind's eye,… Continue reading Goodbye

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Phrase for Timmy

'So nice to meet you,' I say to Ariella, as she leads me inside her home. I'm picking up my son, who's been at the house for a sleepover with Ariella's son. They've become best buds, inseparable, but I've never met Ariella at school pickups and coffee mornings as she works full-time. Some key position… Continue reading Phrase for Timmy

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Holiday Blur

I could not feel less like a goddess as I shuffle around tourist destinations in South Australia. We're all tired from Christmas celebrations and the holiday time blur---you know how all the days just merge? But holidays are grand, don't misunderstand. We've had a great few days in our holiday cottage; the last two particularly… Continue reading Holiday Blur