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This morning

I woke this morning all snugly and warm under my doona. I slipped from under the covers and was met with a wall of gelid air. As I rushed straight to the heater to flick it on, Our Girl sneaked into my side of the bed. I jumped back in, happy for a warm cuddle… Continue reading This morning

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Shelley and Christabel

'I don't want to explain it again!' Shelley squeals. 'Well you might have to,' Shelley's aunt, Christabel, responds. Shelley huffs and crosses her arms in protest. She loves living with Aunt Christabel, but she is extremely strict. Shelley was moved to Christabel's home by the department, after months of living on the streets and couch… Continue reading Shelley and Christabel

Family, Health and wellbeing, Melbourne, Parenting, Relationship and marriage, Writing

A day in the life

Yesterday, T1 was in a grump. Salty, as seems to be the contemporary vernacular. It's the first official day of school holidays, so his behaviour gave me a foreboding sense of ill. Two weeks (almost three for the twins) stretch on ahead of us, without much in the way of entertainment or places to visit,… Continue reading A day in the life

Family, Melbourne, Parenting, Relationship and marriage, Writing

A Morning Chat

Before rising this morning, Our Girl came to Hubster's and my bed for a cuddle and chat, along with Duckie, her toy duck. Apparently, Duckie and Our Girl had a falling out before bed last night. Our Girl relegated Duckie back to the bookshelf, and instead took her old faithful Bunny to bed. Duckie was… Continue reading A Morning Chat

Family, Fiction, Melbourne, Parenting, Writing

Keira’s discovery

Keira stands, frozen, in the doorway of her daughter's room. The carpet is covered with slime; it's down the walls and squashed onto the floorboards. Sharnie is on her bed, staring back at her mum. 'What is this?' Keira asks, somewhat redundantly. It's a shitstorm, created by her willful and creative child. Only seven years… Continue reading Keira’s discovery