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Generation Bamboozle

Feel the sense of forebodingA generation bamboozled Live with depression Suicide Ignorance Loneliness Leaders blinded by arrogance,powergreedRefuse to see the rippleof selfish decisions Enough.Act now, Save the futureOur children. Photo by Atharva Tulsi on Unsplash

Health and wellbeing, Melbourne, Poems, Writing

Falling from grace

She was a paradigm of virtue Before her fall. Tumbling, windmilling Down, down, down. Rock bottom she hit Without dignity nor grace And her face wore The frown of hate. But in a measure of class, She got off her arse And slowly dragged Herself to the top. Her tale of mobility Is one for… Continue reading Falling from grace

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The suspense is heightened. Will I, won't I? A matter of hours To create and submit. An idea is forming. Bones, without substance. Words drawn in haste Yet still devoid of hook. Achievement, prize and Vindication at stake. You can only surmise and Encourage that I might. Oh, Furious Fiction, how I loathe thee. Your… Continue reading Weekend

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She wants to be beautiful, breezy, bright But she's filled with rage And contempt. Few see her real persona. Only Those who look deep, beyond Her exterior Applied with care, attention, detail. Lance and conceal each blemish And smile. But even she can't hide behind Her mask forever. She is Soon unravelled By one who's… Continue reading Elena