Grand Final Celebrations?

Living here is like being in a swamp of mire. There's lies from leaders who finagle and obfuscate. Reading the news results in rage or depression. Neither is good. The AFL Grand Final is this Saturday, albeit---for the first time ever---held outside of the state of Victoria and played at night. It's a big thing,… Continue reading Grand Final Celebrations?



After the fight was over, I limped home. My hands trembled as I tried to unlock the front door. I leaned on the verandah and closed my eyes. Bad idea. I saw the fists over and over again, pummelling my cheeks and abdomen. Mum opened the door. 'Millie! What happened to you?' she asked. 'Um,… Continue reading Repercussions

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Run to Paradise

I'd been on holiday for two weeks before it hit me. This wasn't a holiday. I was escaping an ordinary life. I'd run to paradise (the song was on auto-play in my head constantly) to distract myself from laundry and lunches. And love. The three Ls. Here in Fiji, on the beach, it was easy… Continue reading Run to Paradise