Hello, it’s me

Hello folks. It's been a while. I trust some of you will remember me, welcome me back here. I'm rusty, my fingers hovering over the keyboard instead of furiously tapping; my brain struggling to find creativity. But I am ploughing straight in. I see no alternative---four weeks of annual leave and top of my To-Do… Continue reading Hello, it’s me


Grand Final Celebrations?

Living here is like being in a swamp of mire. There's lies from leaders who finagle and obfuscate. Reading the news results in rage or depression. Neither is good. The AFL Grand Final is this Saturday, albeit---for the first time ever---held outside of the state of Victoria and played at night. It's a big thing,… Continue reading Grand Final Celebrations?



After the fight was over, I limped home. My hands trembled as I tried to unlock the front door. I leaned on the verandah and closed my eyes. Bad idea. I saw the fists over and over again, pummelling my cheeks and abdomen. Mum opened the door. 'Millie! What happened to you?' she asked. 'Um,… Continue reading Repercussions