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I stand up, brush off dirt and twigs. Run. Hope fuels each step. If I can make it to the village, I'll be safe. Behind me, the dogs bark. Up ahead, I can see the lights of the village. Car tyres screech. Headlights flash, illuminating the road. I pant as I run, my heart pumping… Continue reading Capture


Joy in Christmas

It's close to Christmas...only three days to go. And I have bought only three presents. Heading to the local shopping centre early tomorrow morning to knock the rest on the head. I don't suppose much joy will come from the experience, but I hope at least to beat the bulk of the crowds. I like… Continue reading Joy in Christmas

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Harsh light of day

When the light streamed through the windows, Mathew rolled over. 'Ah, cock!' he moaned. 'What's wrong?' I asked. 'Too bright,' he croaked, ducking his head under the covers. 'Head hurts.' I clamped my mouth shut, lest I say something I would later regret. My thoughts wandered back to last night, my warnings to him to… Continue reading Harsh light of day