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Erin’s Journey

Due to an irreconcilable battle between good and evil, Erin left home. She'd tried to make a go of it, tried to attend to his needs, but she'd come to realise he was never going to change. The last time he bashed her head into the refrigerator door---over something as trivial as not having any… Continue reading Erin’s Journey

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Shelley and Christabel

'I don't want to explain it again!' Shelley squeals. 'Well you might have to,' Shelley's aunt, Christabel, responds. Shelley huffs and crosses her arms in protest. She loves living with Aunt Christabel, but she is extremely strict. Shelley was moved to Christabel's home by the department, after months of living on the streets and couch… Continue reading Shelley and Christabel

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Behind enemy’s door (short fiction)

With stealth, I pass through the open gate. I feel each heart beat like a strike on a timpany; it shudders to my core. I step towards the front door. Lift my hand to the brass knocker. My fingers are trembling, shaking. I take a deep breath, and remind myself this is my childhood home.… Continue reading Behind enemy’s door (short fiction)

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What footsteps say (short fiction)

Each heavy footstep plodding the hallway told Sara she was going to be in trouble. She cowered on her bed, pulled the covers over her head just as her mum stopped in the doorway. 'Sara,' screamed Mum. 'I've been calling you for five minutes.' Sara remained silent. 'Don't ignore me!' shouted Mum. 'It's disrespectful.' Sara… Continue reading What footsteps say (short fiction)

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The fault of others

Yesterday in Melbourne, George Pell was found guilty of child sex abuse. About time. Nearly two decades ago, I worked in administration for a Catholic adoption agency. My role mainly revolved around preparing documents for those adopted prior to the Adoption Act 1984, who were seeking information regarding birth parents, or knowledge of their birth… Continue reading The fault of others