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The Interlude

'Well, we find ourselves here again.' Brett was lying on his back, the bed sheets twisted around his legs and Cathy resting in the nook of his shoulder. He reached for his pack of cigarettes and lit one. He offered it to Cathy who shook her head. 'Gave up five years ago,' she said, by… Continue reading The Interlude

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Run to Paradise

I'd been on holiday for two weeks before it hit me. This wasn't a holiday. I was escaping an ordinary life. I'd run to paradise (the song was on auto-play in my head constantly) to distract myself from laundry and lunches. And love. The three Ls. Here in Fiji, on the beach, it was easy… Continue reading Run to Paradise

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Her disease

Jen dressed carefully. She wanted to look good, but not overdone. Three shirts, two dresses and five pants already littered the floor at her feet. With a huff, she chose her black skinny jeans, rolled up the cuffs, donned her espadrille wedges and threw on a white shirt. She stared critically at the mirror. 'It'll… Continue reading Her disease