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Holiday Blur

I could not feel less like a goddess as I shuffle around tourist destinations in South Australia. We're all tired from Christmas celebrations and the holiday time blur---you know how all the days just merge? But holidays are grand, don't misunderstand. We've had a great few days in our holiday cottage; the last two particularly… Continue reading Holiday Blur

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Heirlooms and Memories

With her shoulders rounded inwards and her spine curved, Sasha could almost hear her mother's admonishing voice, despite her passing away six months ago. Crystal clear, almost as if they were beside each other: Sasha, sit up straight. Shoulders back, tummy taut, head up. On cue, Sasha followed her mother's advice. But before too long,… Continue reading Heirlooms and Memories

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Christmas in the city

Mike is standing on the busy street corner. He looks at shoppers bustling past, arms weighed down with store bags; cringes inwardly as he tries to estimate how much money has been spent. Christmas in the city sucks. In a rush to get away from the madness, Mike strides to the tram stop. More Christmas… Continue reading Christmas in the city

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'You'll never make it,' I say to Tilde. We're standing on the roof of a building; she's planning to jump to the next one. For the past six months, Tilde and I have been training in parkour. She's pretty adroit, I have to admit but as I look at the chasm between the two buildings,… Continue reading Parkour

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Sulks and pouts

'I'm over it.' I pause to catch my breath, to collect my thoughts. Susannah and I are in the midst of our ever-increasing arguments. I can foresee a week of her passive-aggressive behaviour. She freezes me out, see. Sulks and pouts, gives monosyllabic responses to my attempts to cajole her back to normal. But this… Continue reading Sulks and pouts