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Returning Home

The street's familiar to Madeline. Trees are larger, greener. The houses are older, some dilapidated and ramshackle. As she approaches Number 27, her heartbeat quickens, fluttering in her chest like a butterfly. The sound of her heels clicking on the footpath echoes in her head. The memories bubble up: Mum preparing dinner in her dress,… Continue reading Returning Home

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While Jogging

The vacant stare in her eyes makes my heart race. I shake her, she's unresponsive. Reaching for her wrist I check for a pulse; it's there, faint, but there. 'Someone call 000!' I shout. There's a crowd gathered round. It's human nature, but I seethe inwardly. 'Mate, what's happened?' A male voice. His footsteps pound… Continue reading While Jogging

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Guess who’s back?

I will not prevaricate with your intelligence, good blogger friends. My absence on here has not been due to a loss of focus. Rather, Hubster and I took the three kidlets on a little mini-holiday at the end of our Victorian school holidays. We went to Apollo Bay, a beautiful spot on the Great Ocean… Continue reading Guess who’s back?

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Beckie’s event

'Oh no, Beckie, you look ace!' exclaims Susannah. I'm standing in front of a full-length mirror, wearing a LBD, turning this way and that. Trying to see how I look from all angles. I've just complained that I look too chunky. Tonight is the gala event for work. It's huge. We've leased the ballroom at… Continue reading Beckie’s event

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Night Terror

There's a dark shadowy figure lurking outside in the shadows. Definitely human, probably male. Standing at my window, hidden by the curtains, I watch in fear. Each heart beat pounds in my ears. My body frozen to the spot. Danny snores in the next room. No doubt the shadow outside has something to do with… Continue reading Night Terror