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Chasing the Order

'No progress has been made on your order. I'm sorry,' Hetty said to the voice on the phone. She braced for impact. 'Can I ask why not?' 'I'm not sure. I'll have to follow up.' Hetty heard the client sigh; she spoke quickly to appease any vitriol. 'Let me take your name and number, and… Continue reading Chasing the Order

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To the promised land

'Increase your profile. Build your brand. It's the only way to market,' says the woman on stage. I roll my eyes and slump in my seat. My hands are crossed over my chest. My friend, Rose, who brought me here is next to me, lapping up every word, her glasses pinching her nose. She's even… Continue reading To the promised land

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Run to Paradise

I'd been on holiday for two weeks before it hit me. This wasn't a holiday. I was escaping an ordinary life. I'd run to paradise (the song was on auto-play in my head constantly) to distract myself from laundry and lunches. And love. The three Ls. Here in Fiji, on the beach, it was easy… Continue reading Run to Paradise