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The photograph left Misha with no doubt: she was now officially old. Staring into the mirror, she compared versions of herself. The photo taken thirty years ago showed her bright eyes, and high cheekbones; her skin taut and rosy. Now, she was all crinkly around the edges, had jowls, and her skin was papery, and… Continue reading Surrendered

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Wheels falling off

Gawd, three weeks until the kidlets can go back to school and I can return to work. The wheels of productivity are loosening; the lights of inspiration flickering. I bob in a sea of disconnectedness with the world of work. But fear not, my fickle ways shall be overcome. I shall rise to the challenge… Continue reading Wheels falling off

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A visit to the clinic

Yesterday, I visited my doctor.No, not for COVID-19 symptoms.I spoke briefly with the receptionist, about nothing in particular. Just the usual coronaspeak, really. Boring, shan't sport with your intelligence by spelling it out here. But, as I am someone who loves to chat—with anyone—the fact that I was faced with a captive audience who is… Continue reading A visit to the clinic

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Eleanor’s visit

'Morning John,' Eleanor said, entering his small room. 'Who are you?' he snarled. Life had been dark, colourless since John lost his memory. 'I'm Eleanor.' 'I had a wife called Eleanor.' 'I am your wife, darling.' 'Nah, you're an ugly bitch. Eleanor was loving and kind. Beautiful.' He glared accusingly at her. He remained seated… Continue reading Eleanor’s visit

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Over it!

Frazzled. Good word to describe how I'm feeling this morning. Yet another week of the kids being home while undertaking online classes. Yet another week of me working from home. It's not bad, though. I keep reminding myself that things could always be worse. I guess I just feel like everyone else: over it, want… Continue reading Over it!