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Life’s trampling pace

I emerge from a sleepy daze, blinking. The light is stark, bright, blinding. After a minute, my sight adjusts to my surroundings. Everything is oddly familiar, yet strange. Two shapes of similar height and width shift in my vision. The blurry edges mould and grow into human form as they draw closer. A primal force… Continue reading Life’s trampling pace

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Birthday Wishes

A noise wakes me. The darkness is blinding. I reach my hands into the space in front of me. Silence. Flicking on the bedside lamp, I blink as the room flashes white. It takes a while for my sight to adjust as the light splinters, as if it's shooting through a prism. I make out… Continue reading Birthday Wishes

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Happy birthday

What a great word for the daily prompt today! Birthday. It's birthday fever in my home at the moment. I have twin boys who turn 11 on Saturday and the count-down is ON LIKE DONKEY KONG. Well, they've been counting down for weeks now. But it's reaching fever-pitch. I think back over the past eleven… Continue reading Happy birthday