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To School

'I told you not to tell anyone,' I say to Ruby. She's got the biggest blabby mouth of anyone I know. 'But I just told my friend from ballet. She doesn't know who Jack is.' Ruby lifts her jaw, flicks her long blonde hair over her shoulder. 'I guess.' We walk the rest of the… Continue reading To School

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A day at the beach

It's a beautiful day so I pack the hamper and my brand new picnic rug, and shove them along with all the essentials into the boot of the car. Running back indoors, I wake the kids, shouting, 'Be dressed in five. Put on your bathers! Macca's brekkie en route.' Typically, they groan. It's only 8AM,… Continue reading A day at the beach

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At the local pool

'A what?' I ask. 'Brammer,' she replies. 'Don't you think he's a real brammer?' My friend, Maggie, is always trying to display her superior language skills. 'Never heard it before, so I can't say.' 'A remarkable, attractive person,' Maggie says with a smirk. I can't argue with her. He is quite dishy. As usual, Maggie's… Continue reading At the local pool


The Forecast Here

I am here in my local library, while T2 has private tutoring. His brother has come along as well, to play on the computer for the hour. After two days of weather forecast in the 40s, we are experiencing a more bearable expected high of around 26°C, although there is a reasonably high humidity percentage… Continue reading The Forecast Here