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Throwing out the plan

This post follows from One Night. Click on the link to read. In the light of day, Annabelle wonders if she's making a mistake. She tucks her precious list in her underwear drawer, beneath the stash of Bonds knickers. Tim will never find it there. He's long gone. Off to work in his high-vis vest… Continue reading Throwing out the plan

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One night

After he rolls off, Annabelle turns away from him, wipes the tears from her eyes. Perfunctory. It was almost as swift as the mating display that she'd giggled at as a thirteen-year-old, while watching a David Attenborough documentary in a geography lesson. Her teacher had fussed and squirmed at the front of the class, which… Continue reading One night

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Homecoming Party

'Welcome home!' A chorus of voices chant as I walk into the room. 'Wow, guys!' I glance around the room. Roughly forty people are crammed into my tiny living room, raising glasses of champagne. Someone hands me a glass of my own. A homecoming surprise party is the last thing I want right now. But… Continue reading Homecoming Party