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She can breathe now. Two hours ago, on an empty country road, Marie had been blissfully driving, her favourite song blaring from the stereo. She was singing when the car bumped over a pothole. She thought nothing more about it until ten kilometres further along, it shuddered and gasped. Her heart skipped. 'Come on Bertha,'… Continue reading Breakdown

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Stand off

Hailey was not going to back down. No way. She was in the right. She was shaking though. That bitch edging forward caused her heart to leap right out of her chest. What did she think she was doing? Car horns tooted. Hailey looked in her rear vision mirror; cars were banked up around the… Continue reading Stand off

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Driving a manual

Ella got behind the wheel. 'What's this?' she asked, incredulously looking at the stick in the centre console, with the knob on top. 'It's the gear stick,' Ella's boyfriend, Nick, replied. 'What?' 'It's how you change gears, El,' Nick said. 'But I thought the car just did that.' 'Only in automatics. This is a manual.… Continue reading Driving a manual