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The new leadership

'It seems you're unperturbed by all this,' Miriam says to Janie. They're the only two seated at a round table for six. A coffee plunger is in the middle, along with a plate of Kingston biscuits. Janie's favourites. She sips her coffee and reaches for a bikkie while pondering Miriam's...would she call it an accusation?… Continue reading The new leadership

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Kate and Rosa

Life is about to change for Kate. She's holding a cup of tea, thinking about the fallout from Rosa's revelation the night before. 'Now that you're all here, I need to tell you this celebration isn't just about Kate's birthday.' Rosa spoke confidently while she looked around the crowd, but avoided eye contact with Kate.… Continue reading Kate and Rosa


On attending a book launch

I attended a book launch recently. The newly published book, entitled What the Light Reveals, is a strapping read of family ties and binding love, Russian spies in Australia in the 1950s, and an ordinary couple raising their two children. The author, Mick McCoy, attended the same writing workshop that I went to recently, albeit… Continue reading On attending a book launch


Knockbacks and Breakthroughs

I have been missing from here for over a week. Maybe some have noticed, maybe none have. I've been really busy and motivated. I'll tell you why... Last Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I attended a writing masterclass in the city of Melbourne. I will return for the final two days tomorrow and Sunday. Last weekend… Continue reading Knockbacks and Breakthroughs


For Sophie

  A little creature swam Desperate to find its home It wiggled and wriggled And squiggled and squirmed. The creature raced against Thousands of others, there was No way to know which of Them was winning.   The creature found its soft And welcoming home It burrowed in, broke the hardy Shell of protection. The… Continue reading For Sophie