A Forlorn Request (short story)

'Muuuum, can I pleeeeeease have my iPad?' The request interrupted a deep sleep and a very pleasant dream, and despite the forlorn tone to the voice, I had no intention of giving in. I opened one eye to see which sweet child of mine was asking, at the same time as I peeked at the… Continue reading A Forlorn Request (short story)



On waking this morning, I excitedly turned on my phone to see what today's daily writing prompt is. Reservation. Hmm...OK. I put my phone aside to get brekkie and chat with the kids, even though they were watching the TV, with cereal and milk spilling over the bowls, so yeah, that was fun and one-sided.… Continue reading Reservation

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Going backwards?

As I write, it's the first day of 2018. Typically, a day when we look ahead, filled with wonder and anticipation about what the year may hold. But I am thinking about yesterday. Particularly, a fight between my twin boys who are ten. Hubster was busy doing something. I can't remember what exactly - you… Continue reading Going backwards?

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A New Year’s Resolution

It's that time of year again. The time when a lot of us pledge to lose weight, drink less alcohol and more water, join a gym, learn to ride a horse or play the piano, eat healthier food, change jobs, change partners, leave the world a better place. Take a moment now to ponder what… Continue reading A New Year’s Resolution